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July 30, 2013
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Rings Of Nature :: Application - Akai Kinad by InkyWings-X Rings Of Nature :: Application - Akai Kinad by InkyWings-X

Rings of Nature

:blackrose: Crows Fly at Midnight


Personal Information

[N ame] :: Akai Kinad.
[G ender] :: Female.
[B irth D ate] :: 25th December.
[A ge] :: 24.

[H eight] :: "5'5" ft.
[W eight] :: 117 pounds.

[P ersonality] :: Akai is a rather shy person when you first meet her, often unable to speak due to being a mass stutter around most people. Most of the time because of this she stays around more forest areas or quiet areas than the populated, Akai prefers greatly animals then humans. She is often highly polite and respectful - especially of those who are in higher ranks. However; she has a slight multiple personality disorder where At some points she'll get highly confident, quick tempered and unintentionally close contacted (Hugs Especially) before shying out again. But as written before Akai is mostly in her shying out stages and prefers to hide away to the socialising aspect. However if involving animals Akai comes out of her shell greatly. She tends to get highly extendible from merely talking about animals. When the person she's interacting with has an animal with them - she instantly comes out of shell to talk though may again shy out after awhile. There's also an apparent rumour that she can get jealous and obsessive.
[B ackstory] ::
Main Backstory
Akai was born in Gaia, raised on her parents ranch for 7 years. In looks she took after her Mother – who was always smiling, cheerful and friendly – a healer, Akai often looked up to her mother. Her Father had more deer traits and worked more often Akai often helped out her Father with the animals. Akai really talked to other Anabrids – only her parents and her Father's Brother – Jack, who she only saw on special occasions, when Jack checked up on her and her Parents – which was at least twice a month. The only other things she talked to was the animals who inhabited the Ranch. Because of this Akai had strong bonds with her family explaining how she developed her shyness trait around other people except from animals. However after her 7th birthday an unknown male snuck in and badly wounding and capturing her parents. He threatened to harm Akai if she tried to do anything and as to prove he wasn't joking around he used his knife and swiped just above her nose, cutting deep, explaining why there is a scar. Being only a child at the time she curled up and obviously cried, giving the male a chance to take her parents and leave without her realizing. Luckily it was one of those days where her uncle would come visit and he saw Akai curled up and rushed to her, she told him what happened and her Uncle went to dart out but realized he couldn't leave Akai. So he picked her up instead, deciding to do what he thought her parents would think best, he took her back to the Twilight Kingdom where she grew up with him. He taught her how to use a weapon in self defence, worried in case the man tried to take her one day, but also taught her how violence can be so terrible, being one who experienced it she never tries to kill anyone besides if they try to hurt the ones she loves, emotionally or Physically. She is scared of another person she loved leaving. Along with her Uncle's teachings she went to a school where everyone else would wonder where the scar came from and sometimes asked her the question which made her either cry or go violent, depending on who the person was. After completing school life she ended up working as a messenger. Akai doesn't like the idea of the war too much - since it includes heavy violence.
Development Story

[Things Will be added here as she progresses.]

[L ikes/D islikes] ::
+ Animals
+ Spending time with her Uncle and Cody
+ Sweet and Spicy foods.

- People mentioning the scar unless they are close
- Wearing Glasses
- Crowds.

[A nimal T raits] :: Red Panda – Ears And Tail.
[E lement] :: Fire.

[A blities] :: + Above Normal Hearing
+ Is able to climb trees easily
+ Speedy
+ Beings able to sleep anywhere really.
[P hysical W eaknesses] :: - Less Than Average sight – leading her to having to wear glasses, however it keeps getting worse since she isn't wearing them
- Not as good in combat in an open field
- Distracted by sounds easily
- Skittish.
[M ental W eaknesses] :: - Being reminded about her past
- Sudden spiteful comments of any sort
- Threatened to be left alone / anyone leaving her.

[E xtra] :: + Voice::… = Sample One |… = Sample Two
+ In Love With Cody
+ Somewhat knows sign language from Abra
+ Has slight Hetrochromia - Left eye is a darker tone and shade(Deep Blue) to Right(Aqua) - Pupils also have a silver/grey colour around eye.
- Refusing to wear glasses.

Side and Combat
[K ingdom] :: Normally Resides in Twilight.
[S ide] :: Neutral - She Doesn't 100% agree with Ravid but sees him as a friend from previous encounters. Then again she also has most other close friends on the opposing side.

[C lass/J ob] :: Messenger.
[R ank] :: D.
[W eapon] :: Butterfly Knife.

Desperate Pictures
[C asual] ::
[W ork] ::

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Akai ". . ." She squeaks and starts shifting away shyly.
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Akai :: Not being able to see properly; characteristically she walked into a tree
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